Every step of the day
We walk on time
The moment is expanding
But I draw the line

Caught in the heart of it
With no games to play
Everything been said before
There’s no getting away

The sky is clear
An unbelievable blue
Nothing really came before this
Except the things we hardly knew

In the crystal morning
On the empty street
I ‘ve been searching for
A corner where we’d finally meet

At the crossroads of the hour
When I’ve said all  I could say
Where I tried to make a come back
But could not come back all the way

Flying in the range
Circling the sun
Singing in the rain
Till the day is done

Stranded in the doorway
Moonlight on my face
Glistening on memories
A glance enduring trace

To breathe is what is given
No paths to steer the air
The heart it beats for no one
Cept Empty rooms and empty chairs

Sun rising till tomorrow
Moonlight on my back
Windows are wide open
wind blowin time
through cracks

The edge
Of the river shore

All that is
In still waters

River light
is swallowed
In the thick
Milk of mornings

Foggy mist of morning
Wet sheen across my skin
River looks like a white wash mirror
Days falling like bowling pins

Had a dream
About the rhythm of the sun
Where time was run down
And night was undone

Can’t see in front of me
Nothing left behind
The river bridge is fogged in
The light refuses to shine

Saw you standing in the doorway
As the clock struck its futile chord
Streetlight shadow across your face
Like an angel that was called

Spend my days with a beating heart
It’s alive and it’s true
Watching the mist roll on the river
I’ve got nothing but affection for you

The  river wind mosaic
pierces dimly lit
Window shadows
Still streets
Unmowed grass
Empty cars
Night tides
And darkness