Leo Harmoany is back with New LP

Leo Harmonay – Astoria

Leo Harmonay – “Astoria” (LP)

Leo Harmonay – Astoria (LP)

Astoria (LP) by Leo Harmonay

Leo Harmonay’s newest album Astoria

Singer/Songwriter Leo Harmonay Releases New LP

“Astoria” by Leo Harmonay

“LHarmonic is the gorgeous full length release from singer and songwriter Leo Harmonay. Since last summer’s The Blink Of An Eye, a longer project seemed imminent, and this collection more than fulfills any expectations or hopes.”

“Leo Harmonay’s music at first glance takes a little bit of folk inspired songwriting and drives it through the airwaves with an indie rock infused energy and power. However, there’s much more to the songwriter than a single song can suggest…” Read more at Stereo Stickman

Great album! Love the hand written note. This album is a folk jammy album. Lots of Jammin. I really like the roots sound of this album. Sounds like it was recorded in the 60s which is a good thing! The back up vocals and the hand drums give it that roots feel. Please check this album out at Leo’s website here!Sister Dorothy’s Music Blog CD Review – Somewhere Over the Hudson CD Review CD Review Review Review CD Review CD Review – The Blink of an Eye